Imagine Dragons - San Francisco, CA

The venue with Coit Tower in the background.

The view of the Bay Bridge from the line getting into the venue.

The venue, America's Cup Pavilion, was located on Pier 27 in San Francisco, CA.  It had a great view of the bay and the skyline.  But since it was right on the bay, as soon as the sun set, it became freezing!

The first opening act was the X Ambassadors.  Their music involved synths and cool harmonies.  Their keyboard player was also rocking out like crazy the whole time.

After their set, their lead singer, Sam Harris, was seated a few rows behind us.  As he was trying to enjoy the next band, a few fans found him.  After a few girls started gathering, many more noticed.  Eventually, there was a line of people waiting for pictures with him.  He was polite and obliged for a few, but then went backstage.

Nico Vega was the second opening band.  Their songs were slightly similar to Kate Nash.  The lead singer loved climbing on top of their pyramid prop during the set.  At one point she even laid down on it and started waving her hands and legs in the air.  That part was just a little weird.

Imagine Dragons was amazing!

Their backdrop looked amazing!

During "Radioactive", their lead singer, Dan Reynolds, was hoisted up into the air by wires.  He then started doing some flips.  There was even a drum at the top of the stage that he started playing.  

Overall, it was one of the best concerts I've attended.