Neon Cathedral


If you didn't know, I name all of my posts with song titles.  Usually it's the song I'm listening to as I post the look or just one that fits the mood of the look.  You can listen to "Neon Cathedral" by Macklemore by clicking here.

I've been looking for the perfect pair of faux leather shorts for years!  I finally found these at Zara in San Francisco along with this awesome NYC skyline crop top.  Zara always has the best graphic tees.  I paired this outfit with come classic Converse All-Stars to give the look a youthful feel.  It was a very good decision on my part because my friend and I ended up walking about four miles around downtown.

Zara shirt.  Zara faux leather shorts.  Converse All-Stars.  Calvin Klein glasses.  Nollie bag from Pac Sun.

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