Yoga Class at Heavenly in Lake Tahoe, CA - July 2019

Today I took a yoga class at Heavenly overlooking Lake Tahoe at an elevation of 9,123 ft.

I decided to take this class because it sounded like an incredible experience but also a something that would really challenge me. I recently have committed to practicing yoga regularly. I’ve decided to to do this because not only is yoga something that conditions the mind and body, but it is also something that I’m not great at. I’m committed to being decent at yoga. I probably will never be the person who can do a handstand or some of the challenging poses, but I want to take it seriously because its one of the only sports that helps me focus on being in the moment. Being completely in the moment is something I have only felt myself doing when I’m doing something challenging and that takes focus. Yoga pushes me to my physical limits and in doing so causes me to focus on nothing else but the class I am in. In class I don’t feel anxious. I don’t think about my to-do list. I just think about how much longer I can hold in downward dog. Yoga is helping me build a strong foundation.

Check out my photos from the day below.

Not a bad view for a yoga class!   Athleta tank.   Alo leggings.

Not a bad view for a yoga class!

Athleta tank. Alo leggings.

Getting ready for class to start

Getting ready for class to start

At Kiva Beach in Lake Tahoe after class.

At Kiva Beach in Lake Tahoe after class.

Mixx Yoga Blogger Event

Last weekend I attended the Mixx Yoga blogger event which was put together by the Southern California Her Campus Blogger Network, Fabletics, and Mixx Yoga.  Mixx Yoga is a yoga studio in Newport Beach, CA that combines cardio, plyometrics, and yoga into each class.  It was my first time doing yoga, so the class was a bit of a challenge for me.  Even though it wasn't easy, I really enjoyed it and it gave me a great workout.  As someone who mainly does cardio, I enjoyed the combination of cardio as well as strength training.  Mitra Hooshmand, the founder of Mixx Yoga, was there at the event instructing and guiding us through our workouts.  If you live in the Orange County area, you should definitely check out Mixx Yoga!

Below are some pictures from the event.  Thank you to Kristen Achziger for taking these photos!    

*This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.